How To Sing
6 Points to Follow When You Practice to Learn How to Sing 

1 - Warm-up

If you look closely, you can compare the singers with athletes, since singing works as if you go to a gym and warm up for 10 minutes before singing a song. In order to warm up, the singer should do specific exercises which do not tighten his/her voice and help in avoiding any injury. The warm up exercises help the related muscles to sing in a more relaxed way and it also increases the flow of blood when learning how to be a famous singer.

2 - No Excess or Nonstop Practice

Possibly you might think it's a contradiction to belief that 'more practice is better', but it is a critical point in singing and you shouldn't practice excessively and nonstop. You must avoid a nonstop practice session and take breaks to avoid fatigue; you can have 15 minutes of rest, so that you do not overdo it.

3 - Have Too Much Water

A healthy singer must take at least 2 liters of pure water every day. If the voice has problems such as laryngitis, you should take more than 3 liters of water a day. The purpose of constantly drinking water is to hydrate and lubricate the voice organs such as larynx and organs of the throat just like you put oil in the hinges of a door. You should not have water all in one time, but go slowly with frequent breaks, so that the body can absorb the water you drink.

4- Avoid Caffeine or Alcohol before Singing

These substances are diuretic, so they dry rather than moisturize your Vocal organs and body. These drinks cause opposite effect of water, instead of feeling clarity and cleanliness of our voice, you feel irritation and acute laryngitis if high quantity of these drinks is consumed. 

5 - Stop If It Hurts!

To sing with good technique means you do not feel any discomfort, stress, pain, etc. If any of these issues occur, be aware that something wrong is being done. Do not sing on a high note again and again that upsets you, believing that eventually it will be fine and easy to sing, because that teaches your muscles and brain how not to sing. The singing mentor must teach students how to sing high notes effortlessly. Likewise, the more you sing, you must feel better because theoretically if you have a good technique, it will be as if you had already warmed up for much longer, and must not fall into the hoarseness or anything. 

6 - Enjoy Your Singing Practice 

Finally and most importantly, you must have fun while practicing to improve singing. Do not worry about how your voice is now if it is not best at present. As time goes on and you follow these tips, your voice will become more beautiful, so you must love, enjoy and have fun when you sing, because without it everything else does not make any sense.


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